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No matter what your holiday plans involve, chances are you'll be sipping bubbles on Christmas Day. Whether you're toasting a year well spent or simply enjoying a celebratory glass of champagne, we can all agree that there's nothing quite like ringing in the new year with a bit of excitement. So why not make your holiday season even more special by serving one (or all) of these delicious champagne ? 

If you really want to show that special someone you care, look no further than champagne. Whether it's for a birthday, Christmas, or just to show your appreciation, champagne is a luxurious, upscale way to show someone you care. Not only that, but offering champagne can be quite affordable as there are many brands now producing champagne without breaking the bank! It is unique; who doesn't like to open a bottle? And with its huge range of flavors from fruity and dry to sweet and bubbly, the possibilities are endless. Give the perfect gift this year by sailing on a glass of champagne - because why not?

 How to taste champagne/cava/prosecco like a pro

Tasting champagne, cava or prosecco can be an exciting and luxurious experience when practiced as a professional. To start, pour yourself just enough to half-fill your glass, swirling the fizzy drink before taking a whiff of its aromas. The flavors should reveal notes of yeast and fruit before sipping. Make sure the drink hits all parts of your mouth starting with your tongue (which detects sweetness) then the sides (which detect sourness), ending at the back of your throat (this will reveal a hint of bitterness ). Hold the nectar for a few seconds for all the flavors to blend, and don't forget to savor every sip! Finally, savor all the pleasure of having tasted as a connoisseur.


How to properly serve champagne/cava/prosecco

Properly serving champagne, cava or prosecco can add that special sparkle to any occasion. Be sure to use a good wine glass (a flute works great) and start by pouring a small amount of bubbly into the glass. As you pour, hold the glass at an angle so the bubbles continue to swirl around the sides instead of just flowing straight into the glass. If there's still some left in the bottle and you want more in your glass, don't fill it all at once as it will reduce the amount of that delicious fizz that's left. Keep your drink chilled between 40° and 45°F for optimal flavor. Finally, take your time and enjoy a festive toast with friends or family!

Gourmet champagne/cava/prosecco pairings

Finding the perfect match for your bottle of champagne, cava or prosecco is an art! Sparkling wines like these are incredibly versatile and can be paired with almost any dish. From charcuterie and cheeses to fresh salads and oysters, these sparkling drinks will have you celebrating right away. Don't forget to add freshly baked crusty bread; your palate will thank you later! With so many options to choose from when it comes to wine pairings, why not make it an evening of experimentation? We say: let's party!

Now that you know how to taste, pick, serve and pair champagne/cava/prosecco like a pro, you're ready to enjoy this sparkling drink anytime. Whether you're opening a bottle of prosecco to celebrate a special occasion or enjoying a glass of cava with Spanish cuisine, now you can savor every sip knowing everything there is to know about this delicious drink.


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