Best food pairing for a Cabernet Sauvignon wine

A cabernet sauvignon can be paired with a variety of different foods, depending on the specific characteristics of the wine. For example, a cabernet sauvignon with higher acidity will pair well with fatty foods, while a cabernet sauvignon with higher tannins will pair well with grilled or roasted meats. In general, however, some of the best food pairings for a cabernet sauvignon include:

If you would like to start your dining experience with Cabernet Sauvignon,  a charcuterie plate, meat based pizza or a hamburger is always a good choice. Main dishes like fatty lamb, prime rib, smoked duck with foie gras , grilled pork, beef fillets Wellington, lasagna with minced meat, or grilled and dark sauced chicken or pork are good choices for main dish. Also, when there’s the addition of smoke in the recipe, the two go together much better. If you would like to pair with cheese, soft and fresh cheeses like Gouda, is a good choice.   To finish off your meal, don't miss the opportunity to pair your Cabernet Sauvignon with desserts that include dark chocolate.

As you can see, there are a number of different options that can pair well with a cabernet sauvignon. Ultimately, it will come down to personal preference and experimentation to find the perfect match for your particular wine. Or of course, you can have QelviQ, Your Personal Sommelier, recommend a dish that fits a wine you have in your QelviQ App inventory. 

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