The Mendoza region, its wines and their correct wine serving temperatures

Mendoza is one of the most important wine regions in Argentina. The Mendoza wine region of Argentina is located in the western part of the country, near the Andes mountains. The climate here is dry and sunny, with warm days and cool nights, the ideal conditions to grow grapes. The region's high altitude and dry climate help to keep the vines healthy and free of pests. 

The Mendoza wine region has a long and rich history, the first vines were planted in the region by Spanish missionaries in the 16th century. The region is responsible for producing some of the country's most iconic wines, including Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Chardonnay. In fact, Mendoza is responsible for about 60% of all the wine produced in Argentina!

The region is divided into four sub-regions: Maipú, Luján de Cuyo, Uco Valley, and San Rafael. Each has its own unique climate and terrain, which results in different types of wines being produced in each area.

Maipú is the most traditional and well-known sub-region. The wines produced here are typically fruity and easy to drink. 

Luján de Cuyo is considered the premium wine-growing area of Mendoza. The wines from here are often more complex, with richer flavors.

Uco Valley is a newer sub-region that is quickly gaining popularity. The wines produced here tend to be more experimental, and often have unique flavor profiles.

San Rafael is the largest sub-region in Mendoza, and is known for producing high-quality, affordable wines.

May we remind you that in order to enjoy these wines the fullest, serve them at the correct wine serving temperature!

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