Best Food Pairing for a Chenin Blanc Wine

Chenin Blanc grape can produce very diverse wines, we can divide its style into 4 groups, each having its own ideal food pairing options.

Unoaked Chenin Blancs are crisp and fruit-forward wines with aromas of lemon and mango. These wines go well with salads, caviar, goat cheese, pork chops, grilled chickens and mango tarts.

Sparkling Chenin Blancs pair well with ham, pretzels, brie cheese, risotto with truffles, sea scallops and banana splits or crepes for desserts.

Oaked Chenin Blancs pair well with more sophisticated dishes like grilled lobster, lamb, chicken curry, and exotic fruits.

Sweet Chenin Blancs pair well with blue cheese, roast duck, apple pie and chocolate desserts.

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